BCR #10 – Gebhard’s BC — Local women in politics – Indivisible / True Blue NY

BCR 10 celebrated progressive NY women  taking over the U.S. political scene.  Becky and I talked with the women leaders of Indivisible We Stand UWS, Indivisible Harlem, and True Blue NY — socially progressive political groups run by women.  Lisa DellAquila, Camille Davis, Andrea Flink, and Lois Gudeon-Sloan argued for getting rid of the NY Senate’s IDC and supporting progressive Democratic candidates of either gender

Matt Gebhard and Lindsey Ronchi reported on two of the bar’s new brews — one made from old bread, appropriately called “Toast.”  Gebard BC will be celebrating “Craft Beer Festival” with all NY State beers on tap during February.

Becky and I reminisced about our recent trip to Iceland where the martinis are small and cost almost $30.  BUT — this is a must-see island country in the middle of the Atlantic.

Camille Davis of Indivisible Harlem with Rebecca McKean

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