Program #8: BCR @ Polpette 71 — Holiday Show

Recorded at Polpette 71 at 71 West 71st Street in Manhattan.  This show was the culmination of our first, full season of broadcasting our of some really amazing bars in our city, as well as Ireland and Wales.  We talked with Nancy Chaffetz–President of Broadway Mall Association.  And we invited former guests  — talked with voice-over artists Johnny Heller and Jo Anna Perrin, Jungian, Chris Hoffman and Nicholas Martin-Smith–Producing Artistic Director of Hudson Warehouse.  We met the keeper of the Polpette 71 bar – Megan, interviewed Popo-for-President Campaign Manager–Arnie Spanksy, [played by Paul Ruben] and told really awful Christmas jokes.  We had a wonderful evening.  Bunches of fun.  Tell us what you think about our podcast —

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