Program 7: BCR @ Gebhards

Becky and I returned to Gebhards Beer Culture on W. 72nd Street for our 7th BCR podcast.  I am lovin’ the beer choices that Matt — bar owner — and Lindsey — manager — have gathered. Beer selection changes every week.  Anyway … the show features a conversation with Wade Ripka leader of the  Eastern Blokhedz and Greek Judas bands and includes cuts from his new album with Greek Judas — must hear their version of the Rebetika standard “Why I smoke cocaine.”

Ingrid Griffth speaks about her one-woman show “Demarara Gold” — a young girl’s experience of abandonment and immigration.

PoPo — the Urban — Alt Right — Clown makes an important announcement — and Becky and I talk about our upcoming trip to Iceland.  Did you know that Iceland is the most prodigious producer of “fresh” lava in the world — good to know. Bless Bless.

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