“U.S. Department of Therapy”- #USDOT-RADio568

  • One hour – once a week.
  • Conversation between members of Trump Nation and Obama Nation.
  • Organized in three parts – 20 minutes each.
  • Focus on guests asking and answering questions with feedback that elicits understanding of what the other said.
  • Where there is disagreement, focus is on understanding the other’s statement and idea.
  • Moderator encourages sticking to these simple but difficult rules.
  • Moderator summarize what was said, at transitions:

Proposed organization of US-DO-Therapy

FIRST 20 MINUTES: Who is this person? –  not politically – humanely and respectfully. Ask each other questions – moderated so as not to get into political or ideological discussions.

  1. Biography
  2. Values
  3. Concerns – local problems – personal and community
  4. Hopes for now and the future for self and family and local community.

SECOND 20 MINUTES: Identify a political / governmental / ideological issue that needs to be addressed by authority.

  1. Describe one social/political/governmental issue agreed on before starting.
  2. Getting and giving feedback – with the purpose of understanding the other person’s concerns – without judgement – attempting to understand without changing attitudes.
  3. Arguing with the other POV – What is the problem with the other person’s POV on that issue.

THIRD 20 MINUTES: Brainstorming for ways to move forward on this issue – is a compromise possible – or a new way of seeing the problem that had not been considered by either guest – i.e. – change the parameters of the issue being discussed. Getting to core values or ideologies that drive this issue.

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