#NoNewsMedia4Now – Day 7

First RADio568 broadcast last night.  Becky joined me as co-host. We called long-time buddy, Paula R and John Jay political science student, Raj T..  They described the horror show–the cabinet appointments being put forth and the ultra-scary security briefing that new President-elects receive–the one that had Obama shaking– and the passing of the “football.”

I am floating in Bizzaro World — Superman’s alternate–evil–universe. As a child  Bizzaro Superman bizarro1was most disturbing–unsettling– moorings to a forming reality, gone.  The stable world in which good triumphed and humans existed to make the world better–Democracy and the American Way–vanquished.  The hero image was replaced by  a crude, ill-spoken, unstable, idiot–with enormous power.  There was no way to reconcile this negative universe with the one that I lived in. It was a bad dream that children have–how could Superman exist in this form?  Was such insanity possible?  A childish struggle.

Of course, that is a child’s perspective–I am a grown man.  Can’t I shake off my childish ways?  We have entered a new–evil–universe? Really?  Come on.  Its a new day, and isn’t it possible that Bizzaro Superman has a point–an alternate perspective that needs to be investigated–if not embraced?  Its time for this liberal to smell the bizzaro roses.

Rudy GiulianiHere goes–Attorney General Rudy Giuliano. Secretary of State Chris Christie.  Chief Advisor Steve Bannon. …  OK. Let’s process that quietly with some compassion for another point of view–let’s wrap our heads around these as reasonable, presidential decisions.  Here I gooooo … down the rabbit hole …

I am floating in a world of psychic shit; and there is no way of normalizing it  [Looking for a key stroke to end this sentence but there is no Bizzaro form of the exclamation point.]

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