#NoNewsMedia4Now – Day 6

I am floating in a news saturated environment without being touched.  Inserted — against my will — into a Trump Nation that cannot hurt me.  Ignorance is BLISS — well DISTURBING BLISS.

But it seems that those around me who do know what is going on are getting, sort of, nuts.  An instance:  I created a meme for my tenant’s association newsletter and sent it to the board members.  They — mostly sensible people — could not look at it — it was offensive — repulsive — clearly they were seeing something that I was not.  And so — I got some news of what was happening in the news-sphere.  A tidbit of information — it was getting mean out there; nasty images — swastikas? — were being seen in social media — protests were big — How big? — I didn’t get that part [#NoNewsMedia4Now Rule #34 states: I cannot ask questions but just gather the gleanings that lay about.]

So — my loyal *Droogs — I will be listening to your tidbits on RADio568.com every night from 8-9, M – Th — for any indications of social decay.

email us at radio568jj@gmail.com  to volunteer to tell me what you know.

MCI = Major Capital Improvements charged to rent stabilized tenants to pay for improvements to our high-rent building; such rent increases NEVER go away.

*Droogs — a second Kubrick reference.  Members of Alex’s gang in A Clockwork Orange..  The film audience becomes his “Droogs” later in the film when his gang turns him over to those in charge.  And you know who is in charge, my little Droogies.


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