#NoNewsMedia4Now – Day 5

This experiment is starting to feel stale – Five days without any news. Who am I?

Don’t not know what is going on with HWCNBN and his henchman – I am in Sus-Pence. I keep hearing and seeing bits of what is going on.  Got an email from the president of my tenant’s association that swastikas are appearing somewhere – what did she mean?  This sounds bad for Jews — I’m Jewish!  Glanced at a headline while picking up Cokes for my wife at the local newsstand about Pence taking over something – what?  What!  Not my president. Rallies protesting the election.  Big ones — picked up while walking along Broadway.  Obama-Biden memes cropping up — from my beautiful pregnant daughter.

And it is Sunday morning –  time to tune-into my lovely WNYC – all their NPR News and On The Media and Wait Wait – Don’t Tell Me.

It is awfully quiet around here at 7G at the Windermere Hotel – in a city that voted for Clinton — and I feel like a dry sponge waiting for Dec. 9 when I can start soaking it all up again. What was I thinking???

Tweet me @radio568jj  #NoNewsMedia4Now — Join me each evening — M-Th — 8-9pm — http://www.radio568.com — Can I call you to get the news — Yes?  Please?  Contact me at radio568jj@gmail.com

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