Issues, Period: New Programming at RADio568

Issues-Period copyStatement of Intention — “ISSUES, PERIOD” — RADio568 Programming:  Investigate the big ideas that set the agenda for the politics of the Presidential 2016 HORSE RACE. To do so from a variety of perspectives in order to inform JJAY student voting decisions. See

Overview of the program: Produce a monthly or twice-monthly live radio program to be rebroadcast at later dates featuring the major issues that control the 2016 Presidential campaigns and “debates.” RADio568 would host the program and broadcasts would go out on

This program idea is in reaction to commercial news media coverage of the U.S. Presidential politics as a “sporting” event in which crowd-pleasing sound bites and polls form the news cycle.  “Issues, Period” will stand back from the “hot” politics and examine the major issues that are outlined but are not discussed in-depth by either the candidates or news media. “Issues, Period” will investigate social, cultural, and moral issues that impact the formation of, and electorate’s emotional connections to these issues. Of course, politics and issues are inseparable; nevertheless, this program would push for a rigorous focus on the issues, and the moderator will highlight any discussion that leaks into political analysis.

Issue conversations would feature the voice and opinions of JJAY students. Student participants could be drawn from various academic majors, student clubs, and honor societies, or a core group of students would participate in all of the programs. “Issues, Period” would be moderated by a faculty member of the Political Science Department who could be joined by other faculty with interest and expertise in the issue being discussed.

Desired outcome. The goal of this program is based on the reasonable assumption that an informed citizen will vote and informed voters will make more effective decisions, and informed citizens will be involved in future policy decisions by the politicians they elected. An effective democracy requires this informed citizen who decides with both her heart and head.

Program format. “Issues, Period” would be a one-hour radio reporting and discussion-style program, broadcast live once or twice a month over RADio568. It would be recorded for re-broadcasting and available as a podcast. Programs would be scheduled during the regular semester and run-up to the November Presidential elections.

Though the organization will change, it is proposed that the program hour include the following segments:

  1. Issues background. Looking back on historical aspects of the issue being discussed and how it is viewed today.
  2. Value and ideological dichotomies. What are the basic conservative and liberal perspectives on the issue?
  3. Leading candidate stances. How does each of the leading Presidential candidates describe the issue and what policy would s/he apply?
  4. Policy debate. Whose stance is most effective considering both the issue background and candidates’ stated goals?

Individual programming ideas. Following are several general programming ideas that would lead up to the Presidential election in November:

  • Trump as Idea and Issue
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration
  • Women’s Issues
  • Terrorism / Foreign Policy
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Pre-NY State Primary program featuring Clinton and Sanders progressive stances. Early April scheduling.

Feel free to contact Alan Winson at RADio568 if you are interested in participating in “Issues, Period” — at any level.

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