This week on RADio568 – Nov. 9 – 13 – Mike and Matt Sports Talk — Wed. @ 12:30pm

sports-talk copyWe are excited to get into sports talk this week with the inaugural broadcast of the Mike and Matt Sports Talk Show. This title may change as we figure out what this show is and how it will sound.
It was inspired when Mike Cappellino and Matt Capone first got into the RADio568 studio with their freshman media studies class to complete their WJJCRH requirement and both started talking about sports in very detailed and knowledgeable ways. It became immediately apparent that these two JJAY freshmen needed a broader canvas to present their ideas to our community.

Matt and Mike will be broadcasting on Wednesdays at 12:30pm during the semester. The programs will be produced by Erik Muniz–President of the JJAY Radio Organization.  If you miss one of the talks. the programs will be re-broadcast later in the week at the same time. If you have anything to say to M and M tweet them at #radio568jj

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