Programming notes for Sept. 21 – 25

We will continue to air past WJJCRH — JJAY Community Radio Hour — programs in which JJAY students discuss the ideas and events that concern them.

mash-upWe are scheduling a bit more variety into the RADio568 stream with past broadcasts from the Self, Media & Justice classes.  At the end of the week we will present the Ted Talks audio MASHUPS  in which media students in SM&J were challenged to take a Ted Talks presentation on a mass media issue and “deconstruct it” — give it new meaning and some “attitude.”
2015-09-10_10-37-26We have been adding “Political Talk” to the stream in the morning — a variety of media coverage of the 2016 Presidential Race. This week we feature interviews and speeches by Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump with commentary by Bill Maher, Al Franken and Sarah Palin. Our Democracy is soooooo interesting.

If you have your favorite political interview send us the URL and we will add it to the stream. See Contacts.

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